Lennox’s Birth Story | Conway Birth Photographer | Little Rock Birth Photographer

Lennox’s Birth Story | Conway Birth Photographer | Little Rock Birth Photographer

This birth… Wow! I’m so excited to share it.

Amber had been laboring most of the day and I got the call that evening that it was time for me to head to Benton! I love photographing births. The moment goes by in such a blur, it’s hard to remember everything that happened, all those details. Plus as a mom, you likely don’t even know what’s going with everyone else because you are so focused on bringing your baby into the world. That’s why it’s such a treasure to have your story captured so you can remember it forever.

Tony and Amber were both pretty sure they were going to be having a baby boy. They wanted it to be a surprise but all the old wives tales and gut feelings made them feel like it was going to be a boy. But then when baby was born, they were shocked to find out it was a baby girl! Their Lennox was here and they were overjoyed.

Baby Lennox was born back in September of 2018 but her mom and dad wanted to write a song just for their birth story. They just completed it and it is nothing short of amazing. That is Amber and Tony singing to their precious baby girl! Amber was so strong and Tony was always right there, giving her the support she needed. 

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Enjoy their birth story.



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