First impressions are everything. Let’s start on the right foot.


First impressions are everything. Let’s start on the right foot.


First impressions are everything. Let’s start on the right foot.

Look Like A Pro!

A professional headshot should show someone looking at ease, confident, and welcoming; which can be a bit challenging with a camera pointing at you. You will never stand in front of my camera without me helping you get the best smile. I’ll guide you into different poses and angles to get the most flattering look. You’ll be given direction to get natural-looking smiles and expressions. We get it right the first time allowing you to leave with the perfect photo.


Do you take professional photos, like realtors, lawyers, etc.?


Yes! The majority of our headshots are for business professionals who need a professional headshot for their business, their company’s website, their LinkedIn profile, or a publication. We’ll talk to you about the line of work you’re in and what you need the photo for, in order to create the best look that will properly represent you, your personality, and your industry.


Do you take headshots for actors, musicians, and entertainers?


Yes! The look of a headshot for an entertainer is going to be different from a corporate portrait/business headshot. Tell us in advance what you need the headshot for so we can best design a photo look for you.


What’s the process?


Fill out the contact form and I will get back to you within 24 hours to discuss the details of what you’re looking for and we can proceed with booking your session. Then when you arrive to your appointment, bring some clothing to choose from for the session and we’ll go over clothing options and choose something together. I’ll take the photos, coaching you into the best smiles and poses possible, make sure we’ve got enough photos to choose from. 24-48 hours later I will email you a link to an online proof gallery where you can view all of the photos taken and choose the ones you want to keep. The photos you choose will be sent as high-resolution .jpgs in both color and black and white, via email.


How many photos do you take?


We’ll keep taking photos until both you and I feel you have plenty of photos to choose from. We’ll look through them briefly during the session to make sure we both like the posing, smiles, and that there’s enough variety.


How long does it take?


Since we keep taking photos until we’re both happy with the results, it can depend on how quickly that happens: for some people it’s 10 minutes, for others 30 minutes of actual shooting. Give yourself about an hour for a one-look session so we’ll have enough time to chat, choose clothing and backdrops, and take the photos, though we may finish early.


How long until I get the photos delivered to me?


After a studio session, you’ll get a link to an online proof gallery emailed to you typically within 24-48 hours. Delivery of retouched photos averages at about 5-7 days. A rush fee of $75 applies for a 24-hour turnaround of 1-5 retouched photos.


Do you use natural or studio light?


Both! I mostly use studio light and backdrops for better control, but do have some natural light options in and around the space if you prefer. We’ll talk together at the session about the best look for the photo and what would work for you. If you need the photo taken in a specific location (a realtor might want their photo taken at a listing, or an architect with their office/drafting table in the background, for example), then contact us for pricing on traveling.


Do I get different poses and facial expressions? Will you coach me into different poses and facial expressions?


Yes and yes! You will be coached into several different poses and smiles from different angles to make sure we’ve got some great photos and lots of options. You’ll never be dropped in front of the camera and expected to “perform.” You will be given LOTS of helpful direction.


I’m thinking of doing retouching, but don’t want to look all airbrushed like the cover of some crappy fashion magazine. How much is too much?


Our retouching is done to look natural. If any person out there can tell you had your photo retouched, then it’s too much. Retouching a headshot should be done in a way that looks like you’re just naturally photogenic. When we retouch headshots, we first correct anything that’s temporary, such as redness, blemishes, stray hairs, etc. Then we’ll minimize anything that’s distracting in a photo but most people don’t notice in person: such as undereye circles and lines, whitening teeth, etc. You have control over the amount of retouching, so when you get your retouched photos and you want to make changes, we’ll make changes!


Is your studio a retail or home studio?


The studio is a retail studio on Prince St in Conway.





Up to 30 minutes


Two backgrounds in studio


One outfit


includes the session fee and two digital images with a commercial release


Add on’s-


Additional outfit- $25


Additional outdoor location- $25


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